[Setlist Metrópolis] Queens Of The Stone Age (Santiago 05/10/2014)

Esta fue la presentación de Queens Of The Stone Age, realizado el Domingo 5 de Octubre en Movistar Arena en Santiago de Chile.

Ent. Spiders and Vinegaroons

1. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire (A Song For The Deaf)
2. No One Knows (A Song For The Deaf)
3. My God Is the Sun (... Like A Clockwork)
4. Smooth Sailing  (... Like A Clockwork)
5. In My Head  (Lullabies To Paradise)
6. I Sat by the Ocean  (... Like A Clockwork)
7. Kalopsia  (... Like A Clockwork)
8. Feel Good Hit of the Summer  (R)
9. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret  (R)
10. The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died (Era Vulgaris)
11. In the Fade (R)
12. If I Had a Tail (... Like A Clockwork)
13. Little Sister (Lullabies To Paradise)
14. Fairweather Friends (... Like A Clockwork)
15. Make It With Chu (Era Vulgaris)
16. Sick, Sick, Sick (Era Vulgaris)
17. Go With the Flow (... Like A Clockwork)


18. Mexicola (Queens Of the Stone Age)
19. A Song The Death (A Song For The Deaf)

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